How to use Blucotton menstrual cloth pad?
Blucotton menstrual cloth pads are designed with wings. Simply place menstrual pad label side down on underwear, wrap wings around panty gusset and fasten securely. This will enable them to be securely placed in regular pants without fear of movement or stains to outer clothing.

Will they leak?
Blucotton menstrual cloth pads are 100% cotton multiple layer core that has been quilted together for extra absorbent stay dry confirm inner soaker and has breathable waterproof layer in each pad.

How many Blucotton menstrual cloth pads do I need?
Well, it depends on your individual menstrual cycle. I recommend our STARTER KIT below to begin with. That should give you enough to use per cycle.

What about hygeine?
Blucotton menstrual cloth pads are softer on the skin and they allow natural airflow, which can help prevent thrush, vaginal rashes and related problems. Our leakproof layer is made of a special fabric which breathes and does not leak giving you air flow and extra security. Unlike DISPOSABLE pad, it will make you feel cooler and drier.

What about odour?
Cloth menstrual pads reduce the scent of menstrual blood on the cloth pad. As they are more breathable than the average disposable sanitary pads, they carry less odour.

How to wash Blucotton cloth menstrual pad?
Before you use your Blucotton cloth menstrual pads for the first time – please pre-wash them preferably separately.

Step 1. Soak in cold water (from as little as 5 minutes to 24 hours)
Step 2. Hand or machine wash.

Washing them when you take a shower is a convenient and time saving method of keeping your pads fresh and clean.

What about Staining?
Soaking in cold water generally removes most stains, especially if you add salt to your soaking water. If you come across more stubborn stains we recommend that you use pre wash soap or soak in an oxygen based (NOT CHLORINE) soaker for a few hours. Using Chlorine Bleach or fabric softeners will affect your pads absorbency and void your guarantee.


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